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Car Customisation Ideas

When you hear about car customisation, what instantly comes to your mind are those old cars being modified to look good.

Most of them even end up in car shows.

A lot of car enthusiasts and collectors spend most of their time customising their cars for it to look fancy.

When you customise your car, you must know which part you should change in order for it to look good. May it be the interior or exterior of your vehicle, it is important for you to know about these things.

This guide will show the things you need to consider when it comes to customising your dream car.

Tyres and Wheels

There are many upgradable parts you can ignore, but this is one that you should always consider.

Switching out your standard wheels for alloy wheels can be another simple car customisation that can really change the look of your car. If your car currently has alloys and they are looking aged and tatty then you’ll be able to find local garages that can repair and refurbish them.

You should always select the best possible tyre available for your car. It helps improve on a lot of things like your acceleration increase, speed, braking, and handling.


This may be considered as the most expensive part to be upgraded. But, if you are an avid enthusiast of speed and power, it is important to consider this upgrade.

You need to remember that when it comes to upgrading your engine, your car should be capable of handling it. You might get a good engine, but if the car can’t handle it, you have just wasted a lot of money for nothing.

Performance Exhaust

“The louder, the better” is what some car owners will tell you when it comes to customising your exhaust. But what it really makes you look like is that you are trying to compensate for your car’s weakness.

So instead of going louder, you should consider the one that gives you additional horsepower and the appropriate sound level. A very loud exhaust usually irritates most car enthusiasts.

Paint Job

When it comes to painting jobs, this will really depend on your preference. Whether you decide to choose a cool colour combination of blue, black and white; or you choose a fiery colour combination of red, orange and yellow.

Just make sure that the colour you blend will mix well because you don’t want a car that would look like a messy paint job on a hot summer day.


Safety is always the number one priority when it comes to cars. What better way to keep you safe when you are speeding and accelerating at a high pace are your perfect brakes.

This will help you avoid those terrible accidents like car crashes and wall collisions.


When you enter your vehicle, what do you usually notice first? It is the upholstery of your car. You need to consider the simplicity of the design, the paint job, and the type of material you want.

A two-toned colour custom mad leather for your upholstery would be classy. Avoid cartoony designs because it may make your car look like a clown’s car.


When driving, you want to feel relieved from all the stress you are feeling. A wonderful way to help relieve this stress is by listening to good music.

You need to consider this upgrade because you don’t want to hear your music on cheap speakers that could not deliver the sounds you want to hear.

But remember to focus on the quality of the speakers and not the volume. You don’t want your eardrums to leave your car first.

Led Lights

This is now becoming a new trend of cars today. Not only does it consume less energy than your regular bulb, but it is also brighter and would last longer. It would make you more visible in darker areas.