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Its All About Me

Hi all,

Welcome to the Lonestar Classic Motors website.

My name is Dwayne, and I am an amateur car enthusiast.  I love all types of cars, but my favourites are the all-time American muscle classic autos.

Some of my favourite cars are Ford Mustang, Pontiac GTO, Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Chevelle and I need to include the Shelby Mustang.

I’m a trained mechanic, but also like working on all types of cars carry out general restoration which involves rebuilding the mechanical part of the cars, engine reconditioning, car bodywork and painting. 

So as you can see I am a bit of Jack of all trades, but that’s what makes it more interesting.

I just started blogging about my automotive experiences on here, which I hope you enjoy.

Feel free to comment on any of my posts and let me know what you think.