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My Tips When Taking Your Car To A Mechanic For A Car Repair

Car Repair

If you don’t already have a go-to car mechanic or a local garage, when you need to get your car repaired it can be daunting, and also could be costly.

Even if you know a little bit about repairing cars, it still can be a scary time, especially with today’s cars that are incredibly high-tech, with fuel injectors and engine management systems.

You are incredibly reliant on the advice and recommendations of professional mechanics to advise on the areas that need repairing and not overcharging.

There have been reports that hourly rates of mechanics or car repair garages have significantly increased over the last 5 years. Therefore with these high hourly prices, how can you stop yourself from being ripped off.

Do Some Research Before You Select A Mechanic

Especially if you have little to no knowledge of car repairs, it can be useful to have some indication or idea of what is wrong with your car before you select your car mechanic.

Search the Internet with the problem that you are experiencing to understand what the fault could be.  

Youtube is a good source for many car repairs, and it could give you some details to intelligently discuss with your mechanic.

By looking online, you may even find the fault, which could be easier to fix without having to locate a mechanic.

Once you get a better idea of what’s wrong with your car and how to repair it, shop around with other local garages and mechanics to get several quotes. 

Ensure the quotes are for the work to be done rather than an estimate, do they include VAT and labour.

Further Tips To Be Aware

Make sure the mechanic guarantees all parts and work for one year. Most reputable garages and mechanics offer this.

If the mechanic needs to replace any parts, make sure they put the parts to one side for you to inspect them.

When you pick up your car after the repair, ask the mechanic to explain what was at fault with the faulty parts.

Many garages that have a workshop have qualifications of their mechanics framed up on the wall. You can also find out about the garage or the dealership on the Internet, such as what trade bodies or motor industry but they are part of. You can also find other people’s reviews of the garage on the Internet.

When your car is repaired, ensure you get a fully itemised receipt and keep this in a safe place for future reference in case any part of the repair fails.

If you have taken your car to a garage for service, ensure your service history is up-to-date as a full-service history can add value to a car.

Most mechanics and garages are trustworthy, reliable and provide an excellent service, so don’t worry, but be cautious and aware.

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