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Avoiding Hidden Car Repair Costs

Sooner or later everyone needs to have their car fixed. However, a lot of people do end up paying hidden car repair costs when they bring their vehicles to a professional. Here are a few tips to help you avoid hidden car repair costs. 

Do Research On Repairs 

One of the best ways to avoid hidden repair costs is to do research on the type of repairing your car needs. If you’re not sure, then bring your car to a mechanic and let them diagnose the problem. After that, you can research how much, on average, those repairs cost. A bit of research will give you a general idea of how much money you can expect to spend on car repairs. 

Avoid Unnecessary Repairs

A common hidden repair cost car owners often run into is having unnecessary repairs done. There are some mechanics that will recommend certain repairs, but in reality, those repairs might not actually be necessary at all. If you’re told that your car needs other repairs besides the repairs your car was brought in for, then ask the mechanic if it is 100% necessary to have them done. If they tell you yes, then consider getting a second opinion. 

Also, when you know for certain what repairs your car needs, then make sure the mechanic only does that repair. Make it clear you don’t want anything else done. Some mechanics will go ahead and make other repairs before they charge their customers.

Request A Quote

Request a quote from several auto shops. This is one of the best ways to avoid hidden repair costs. If some mechanics quotes are excessively high, then you might want to avoid going to them. 

Online Vetting

When your vehicle needs repairs done, make sure you don’t pay any hidden car repair costs. Sometimes it’s not easy to do this. However, if you keep the above tips in mind, then you’ll be less likely to pay hidden costs.

It goes without saying that you should understand a little about the garage in Kettering you’re planning on taking your car to.

The Internet makes that a lot easier these days. 

You need to be looking at the garage’s reviews. What are some of the positive things that have been said? Of course, look at if anything negative has been said.

Sometimes negative reviews are nothing to do with the work that had been carried out.

Don’t just look at reviews from one source. Check Google, TrustPilot and places like yell.com to get a good feel for the company’s reputation. 

See It For Yourself

Another great tip is relevant when you actually take your car to your chosen garage.

State to the owner that you don’t want any work to begin until you understand the problem your vehicle has and how much it will cost.

Ask if you can visit and be shown the issues that you can be sure they are fixing real issues.

The biggest complaint garages have is, making up work in order to make money.

If you follow the tips set out here, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Car Customisation Ideas

When you hear about car customisation, what instantly comes to your mind are those old cars being modified to look good.

Most of them even end up in car shows.

A lot of car enthusiasts and collectors spend most of their time customising their cars for them to look fancy.

When you customise your car, you must know which part you should change in order for it to look good. May it be the interior or exterior of your vehicle, it is important for you to know about these things.

This guide will show the things you need to consider when it comes to customising your dream car.

Tyres and Wheels

There are many upgradable parts you can ignore, but this is one that you should always consider.

Switching out your standard wheels for alloy wheels can be another simple car customisation that can really change the look of your car. If your car currently has alloys and they are looking aged and tatty then you’ll be able to find local garages that provide alloy wheel repairs in your local area.

You should always select the best possible tyre available for your car. It helps improve on a lot of things like your acceleration increase, speed, braking, handling and also safety.


This may be considered the most expensive part to be upgraded. But, if you are an avid enthusiast of speed and power, it is important to consider this upgrade.

You need to remember that when it comes to upgrading your engine, your car should be capable of handling it. You might get a good engine, but if the car can’t handle it, you have just wasted a lot of money for nothing.

Performance Exhaust

“The louder, the better” is what some car owners will tell you when it comes to customising your exhaust. But what it really makes you look like is that you are trying to compensate for your car’s weakness.

So instead of going louder, you should consider the one that gives you additional horsepower and the appropriate sound level. A very loud exhaust usually irritates most car enthusiasts.

Paint Job

When it comes to painting jobs, this will really depend on your preference. Whether you decide to choose a cool colour combination of blue, black and white; or you choose a fiery colour combination of red, orange and yellow.

Just make sure that the colour you blend will mix well because you don’t want a car that would look like a messy paint job on a hot summer day.


Safety is always the number one priority when it comes to cars. What better way to keep you safe when you are speeding and accelerating at a high pace are your perfect brakes.

This will help you avoid those terrible accidents like car crashes and wall collisions.


When you enter your car, what do you usually notice first? It is the upholstery of your car. You need to consider the simplicity of the design, the paint job, and the type of material you want.

A two-toned colour custom mad leather for your upholstery would be classy. Avoid cartoony designs because it may make your car look like a clown’s car.


When driving, you want to feel relieved from all the stress you are feeling. A wonderful way to help relieve this stress is by listening to good music.

You need to consider this upgrade because you don’t want to hear your music on cheap speakers that could not deliver the sounds you want to hear.

But remember to focus on the quality of the speakers and not the volume. You don’t want your eardrums to leave your car first.

Led Lights

This is now becoming a new trend of cars today. Not only does it consume less energy than your regular bulb, but it is also brighter and would last longer. It would make you more visible in darker areas.

Car Repair: Avoid With Up-To-Date Maintenance

Repairing A Car

We all rely on our cars to start and drive us from us around as and when we need them.

Your car will only maintain reliable if you continually keep it up to date with a maintenance schedule and a full-service history.

To keep your car reliable and in good condition for many many years to come, it’s essential to either carry out any car repair yourself or have a convenient, reliable and cost-effective mechanic you can trust.

Even though every car is different, the general workings remain the same. However, your car’s owner’s manual is a great place to understand what type of car service and maintenance plan you will need to manage to keep your vehicle in tiptop condition.

To ensure that your vehicle stays on the road and is reliable to be available when you need it, we have put together some of the primary services that are required to keep your car running safely.

Tyres With A Good Amount Of Tread

As your tyres give you the grip, you need to stay on the road no matter what climate you live in, your tyres must be in good condition. Whether that’s a right amount of tread in the cold and wintry climates, or ensure the tyre’s rubber is not cracked or has any sidewall bubbling.

If you see anything that looks wrong on your tyres that could be a potential danger hazard, then visit your local tyre replace centre.

Regular Oil Change

Changing your vehicle’s oil is a critical part of ensuring the mechanics of your car continue to work from the day it left the showroom. Using old oil is a recipe to wear mechanical components such as the main engine.

Ensure that your engine and other mechanical parts are well lubricated to ensure the smooth flow of components with minimal friction that could cause internal damage.

Replace Air Filters

The engine works on a mixture of air and fuel. With too much fuel and not enough air, the mixture will be too rich, and the engine will run like a slug, potentially causing damage.

One sure way to reduce the engine air intake is to run your vehicle with an old clogged up air filter.

Ensure you replace all air filters regularly to ensure maximum performance of your engine and other mechanical parts.

Belts And Hoses (Especially The Cam Belt)

The belts within the engine area connect the various parts of the engine to ensure they all run in a timely fashion.  

If any of the belts wear and break, they could potentially do a lot of damage.  

Take special note on the wear and tear of the Cam Belt, as this sets the timing for the whole internal workings of the engine system, and if this fails, you could find one of the pistons pushing a valve through the sidewall of the engine.

Ensure all the hoses are tightly fitted and are in good working order. The engine relies on water to distribute around to cool the engine down. If one of the hoses breaks, the water will be released, and the engine overheats.

Vehicles Fluid Service

As part of cooling the engine, fluid moves around the engine. 

However, this fluid can get very dirty and could cause engine overheating. 

It’s essential to ensure that this water’s regularly cleaned to provide an excellent flow to cool the engine.

There are other parts of the car that need a fluid flush, such as the transmission, power steering, differential, brake fluid and engine coolant.

Check And Replace Spark Plugs

The spark plugs provide a spark and ignition of the fuel and water mixture to push the pistons around and get the engine working.

Without a spark, there is no life in the engine, so be sure to replace the spark plugs.

Fuel Injection System & Engine Management System

In today’s automotive technology, cars and motor vehicles use a fuel injection system with engine management. It is necessary to regularly get your fuel injection system cleaned and serviced along with a computer diagnostic check on your engine management system.

Keep your car serviced periodically and repaired as soon as problems arise to ensure that your vehicle stays reliable when you need and trust it.

My Tips When Taking Your Car To A Mechanic For A Car Repair

Car Repair

If you don’t already have a go-to car mechanic or a local garage, when you need to get your car repaired it can be daunting, and also could be costly.

Even if you know a little bit about repairing cars, it still can be a scary time, especially with today’s cars that are incredibly high-tech, with fuel injectors and engine management systems.

You are incredibly reliant on the advice and recommendations of professional mechanics to advise on the areas that need repairing and not overcharging.

There have been reports that hourly rates of mechanics or car repair garages have significantly increased over the last 5 years. Therefore with these high hourly prices, how can you stop yourself from being ripped off.

Do Some Research Before You Select A Mechanic

Especially if you have little to no knowledge of car repairs, it can be useful to have some indication or idea of what is wrong with your car before you select your car mechanic.

Search the Internet with the problem that you are experiencing to understand what the fault could be.  

Youtube is a good source for many car repairs, and it could give you some details to intelligently discuss with your mechanic.

By looking online, you may even find the fault, which could be easier to fix without having to locate a mechanic.

Once you get a better idea of what’s wrong with your car and how to repair it, shop around with other local garages and mechanics to get several quotes. 

Ensure the quotes are for the work to be done rather than an estimate, do they include VAT and labour.

Further Tips To Be Aware

Make sure the mechanic guarantees all parts and work for one year. Most reputable garages and mechanics offer this.

If the mechanic needs to replace any parts, make sure they put the parts to one side for you to inspect them.

When you pick up your car after the repair, ask the mechanic to explain what was at fault with the faulty parts.

Many garages that have a workshop have qualifications of their mechanics framed up on the wall. You can also find out about the garage or the dealership on the Internet, such as what trade bodies or motor industry but they are part of. You can also find other people’s reviews of the garage on the Internet.

When your car is repaired, ensure you get a fully itemised receipt and keep this in a safe place for future reference in case any part of the repair fails.

If you have taken your car to a garage for service, ensure your service history is up-to-date as a full-service history can add value to a car.

Most mechanics and garages are trustworthy, reliable and provide an excellent service, so don’t worry, but be cautious and aware.

American Muscle Cars Are The Best

The Great Mustang

American muscle cars are Americans automotive history and will continue to be with us for many years to come.

The muscle car was originally designed and manufactured for drag racing, extremely high-performance with their V8 engines, out-of-control rear-wheel drive and their beautifully designed two-door light bodywork.

The main design of muscle cars is based on speed and power. The first American muscle car was out in 1949, with many to follow, today being collectable automotive pieces.

Here are a few of my favourite cars, from the 1960s to the 1970s, when the American muscle car was in its prime:

The Pontiac

Wow, what a car. This car influenced many others to come, with its stylish designs and flowing fastback rooflines. The Pontiac Catalina held a 421 in³ V-8 engine that can output 338 hp, enough to leave any of today’s cars standing.

Chevrolet Camaro

This beautiful automotive was originally designed for Trans-Am racing, with a great victory in 1968 and 1969 at the Trans-Am Championships. The Z28 is one of the most famous and successful production cars in Chevrolet history with only 602 produced in 1967.

Ford Mustang Shelby

The one and only Ford Mustang Shelby, say no more. The Shelby GT500 1968 was one of the fastest of its time. The Mustang was famous on screen, starring with Steve McQueen in the action thriller, Bullitt.

Dodge Charger

Dodge got involved in the action, producing the Dodge Charger Daytona, with three variations. In 1969 dodged probably produced its most famous American muscle car, being the first to reach 200 mph around the NASCAR circuit.

This is my first post just on cars, and I hope to write many more. I hope you enjoyed it with more to come.